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Give Up Unrealistic CONTROL Now

I hate to be the one to break this to you...but you cannot control everything in your life. Having a mindset where you believe you can control everything is detrimental to your mental health and very unrealistic. During a global pandemic like the current COVID-19 / Corona virus, control is almost impossible. It is important to give up the idea of FULL control, especially during this time since the future is uncertain and how people behave during this climate is uncertain. It is pertinent to be aware that uncertainty can cause fear and panic, my previous blog post touches on this. When going through this process, have patience with yourself. It is okay if you do not feel like being productive right now. It is okay if you do not feel like virtually socializing as often with others. When working on letting go of control, you might experience higher levels of fatigue and mental drainage.

Accept > control

However, there is a positive reframe to the idea of loss of control.

Although we may not be able to control certain situations or people right now, we CAN control other things in our lives still! I have listed some below.

Do not forget that you still have control over:

1. Your perspective

2. How you react to others and situations

3. What you choose to accept and ingest

4. What you participate in

5. How much space you allow something or someone to take up mentally and physically

6. The role things play in your life

7. The media and amount of media you intake

If you are experiencing a difficult time during COVID-19 / Corona virus while in quarantine/social distancing, I am still offering therapy services through video sessions.

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