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FEAR Is Contagious Too

Considering the global pandemic right now due to COVID-19 AKA the Corona virus, it is important we discuss fear. Not only is this virus contagious, but fear and panic are contagious too.

Fear is a primitive emotion we have carried through to each generation as a way of survival. We have a small almond shaped portion in our brain called the amygdala. Our amygdala fires off and we go into fight or flight mode...or in today's case, "excessive toilet paper buying mode". The amygdala sends signals to let us know when we are in danger. Nonetheless, sometimes our amygdala can be skewed. Our fear levels can become skewed when we allow others to secrete their own fearful energy onto us.

Shaman Durek calls fear a "wordless conversation" in his recent podcast on Ancient Wisdom Today. He talks about the idea that fear heightens due to uncertainty. We ignite fear with words that do not make full sense or information that is incomplete. Our fears become so vivid and our imagination works fast. Fear contains imagery, stories filled with suspense and mystery, and the daunting unknown future. This is why it is so important to control fear when you feel it consuming you. It is said that Isaac Newton discovered the theory of gravity while social distancing due to the Great Plague. Imagine if Isaac Newton allowed his fear of the Great Plague to consume him.

Label your fears. Listen to them, but do NOT absorb them ALL. Set boundaries with fear and those who are projecting fear onto you. Engage in self-care and anxiety-decreasing techniques to open your mind again to inspiration, positivity, and productivity! Stay healthy and safe friends.

Please, seek professional help if you feel as though your fears are consuming you and you are having difficulty processing it.

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