Work With Me

Individual Therapy

I believe the relationship you have with yourself is one of the most important relationships to work on. Individual therapy gives you a one-on-one experience where we work collaboratively on your personal goals, life challenges, and strengthen your relationship with you. It is specifically catered to your needs and goals only.  I offer a safe space for you to be your authentic self without any judgments.


Couples Therapy

Couples therapy is a great way for recently engaged couples and newlyweds to keep that "spark" going to enhance their relationship overall. During couples therapy, you are actively working towards being a team and amplifying the love you have for one another. Couples who work with me will learn how to communicate their needs, share and work on their desires and goals as a unit, manage conflict, and respect one another during all obstacles before it is too late. 

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Online Therapy

Online therapy is a great alternative to in-person therapy if you have a busy schedule, live out of the area, are short on time, committed to a variety of other projects that take your attention, and are in need of emotional assistance. Online therapy consists of a weekly video session and is privacy protected. Make sure to find a private and quiet area, relax, and treat yourself to an easily accessible session with me in the comfort of your own space.

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Confidence Workshop & Support Groups

My confidence workshop will be geared towards enhancing the best YOU possible. This workshop will offer intensive confidence building techniques, assertiveness skills, and connect with other like-minded women who also strive to be confident boss babes. My goal is to have you all radiate in every room you walk in. This is currently still in the works! 


Please note: I currently do not accept insurance. However, I might be able to help you obtain reimbursement through a superbill if your insurance allows it.