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Meet Pavan Basra 

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #131482


Empowerment and Integration Coach



Pavan has always been passionate about helping those around her build confidence, embrace self-love, manage anxiety and depression, and strengthen self-esteem as well as healthy relationships. This passion led her to pursue a Bachelor's degree in psychology at UCLA and a Master's degree in couple and family therapy at Alliant International University.


Being a South-Asian Indian woman herself, Pavan understands the implications and pressures that culture and society can have on mental health for people of color and women, which is why she is eager to strengthen these populations to the best of her ability. Moreover, having worked in a high school and middle school as a therapist in training, Pavan gained insight into the struggles adolescents face during this crucial age and developed deep connections to guide them in a better direction when preparing for young adulthood.


No one enjoys a therapist who only says "and how do you feel about that?". You won't get the traditional and generic style of therapy with Pavan.


Pavan offers a compassionate, holistic, direct, and non-judgmental stance in all sessions. She is not afraid to directly challenge her clients to guide them in the direction they wish to be led in. She builds on her alliance with clients by combining story-telling, experience, empathic listening, and positivity to help them navigate through life transitions in a non-conventional therapeutic style. Pavan specializes in inner child healing, integration coaching, and confidence-building to help her clients face life courageously! She also assists them in managing their anxiety and depression and challenging the dominant influences that are affecting their journey to happiness.








Pavan is currently seeing clients virtually and limited in-person sessions located in Sherman Oaks, California within Los Angeles county.


E. J.

I loved therapy with Pavan because I could relate and take to heart what she was saying in our sessions. Pavan was extremely helpful in helping me grow my confidence.

R. A.

I use Pavan as inspiration for my adopted 13-year-old daughter all the time. Her help and guidance around self-love, being strong and confident...just know she is making an impact.

E. R.

I am so grateful that I started seeing Pavan. She did so much for me and my family and it honestly means the world. I am so thankful that she helped me find my voice, I can finally speak up!

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