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This holiday season is going to be slightly different than previous years...

Many of us are usually panicked around this time of year due to seeing relatives that stress us out or violate our boundaries. For many people, COVID might be a blessing in disguise to escape from the treacherous "why are you still single?" or "what are you doing with your life?" family questions around the dinner table. However, for some other's it might feel lonelier than usual. This might be your first time spending the holidays alone or without loved ones.

Since many people are out of work or getting time off from working from home due to the holidays, it is important to use this time as your own mini self-care vacation instead. Holidays are meant for love, joy, and positivity and we should be giving that to ourselves still, regardless of the circumstances.

Here are some tips that might be able to help during this time:

1. Try to change your mindset from loneliness to solitude. Solitude will help you feel more powerful rather than dependent. Remember that you are not alone in this.

2. Make sure to call family and friends during the holiday season and create new traditions. Open presents and have dinner together virtually! It might not be ideal, but it is a temporary fix to this temporary pandemic.

3. Buy yourself a gift - you don't need other people to spoil you when you can spoil yourself!

4. Change your expectations - many people struggle during holiday season due to the way society has put pressure on us to celebrate on extreme levels. This is not what the holiday season is about. Re-evaluate what the holiday season truly means to you without capitalism and other pressures influencing you.

5. Gratitude is your best friend - be grateful that you are still here. Wake up every morning with a gratitude mantra.

6. Give back - support local restaurants and businesses that are struggling during this time. They need you!

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