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Did you know that trauma can be passed down through generations? Can you imagine how much trauma might have been passed down on to you? Can you imagine how much trauma has been passed down for BIPOC (black, indigenous, and people of color) communities who have been suppressed due to colonialism? In light of recent events regarding the Black Lives Matter movement finally getting the attention it has always deserved, this topic needs to be spoken about more often.

Check out this great intergenerational trauma animated video for a full history and breakdown of the term.

When experiencing trauma, you have a survival focused brain. There is no specific guide to follow in order to switch from survival mindset to simply being. There is no specific guide to follow to fully heal and to break the cycle of trauma passed down. There is no appropriate way to process years and centuries of trauma to heal overall.

Trauma, oppression, colonialism, and racism are all intertwined. Together, these all reinforce ongoing injustices and severe trauma. Trauma can lead to mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, and PTSD. Trauma can also lead to drug and alcohol dependence, risky behaviors, poor motivation and focus, increased reactivity to stressors, and issues with relationships overall. Trauma is linked to physical health problems such as a higher risk for cancer, heart disease, autoimmune diseases, and more.

Knowing that your rights and life overall are not being seen and enforced is traumatic in itself. Healing intergenerational trauma cannot happen if we are not looking at the bigger systems that enforce it.

One way to overcome intergenerational trauma is through therapy. Make sure you are working with a therapist who is equipped to handle cultural issues overall. You have the right to ask a mental health professional what race/sex they are, what experience they have with BIPOC issues, and what advocacy they have done for communities you are passionate about.

Another way is through an ancestral healing guided meditation where you have the ability to mentally visit your ancestors, heal with them, and bring the healing back into your present world to break the trauma cycle.

Please continue to educate yourselves regarding discrimination and racism.

Please take action, do not be silent.

**To help black lives please visit

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