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The Importance of CONFIDENCE

Self-esteem fluctuations are a normal part of the human experience. However, sometimes we can get stuck in a deep dark hole of low self-esteem resulting in confidence depletion. When we go down this path we are at risk for increased anxiety, depression, loneliness, impaired academic or work performance, issues in our relationships with partners, family members, or friends, and more vulnerable to substance use. Increased confidence and self-esteem can lead to improved performance, relationships with others and the self, and a more successful life overall. This is why it is so important to check in with ourselves and see where our self-esteem truly lies (You can do this by searching for self-esteem check-ups online).

Start working on your confidence today with these little steps:

1. Standing, sitting, and walking with a confident posture 2. Build up energy to perform well throughout the day (productive days make us feel better about the self!)

3. Exercise and eat cleaner often

4. Speak positively and kindly to yourself 5. Make and clarify your goals 6. Practice self-compassion by using a personalized mantra 7. Ask for help from a therapist - Did I mention that I am a therapist?

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