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Holistic Healing & Empowerment for Women, Young Adults, & Teens

Helping you fearlessly embrace confidence, navigate through life changes, and integrate love within again.

Happiness is not a life without any problems, happiness is the ability to handle them.


Nice to Meet You

I'm excited to work with you!

Don't like the road you're walking? Let's pave a new one together! I'm Pavan, but you can call me Pav. I help guide women, young adults, and teens to transform into the best version of themselves. Too often we allow negative thought patterns, unhealthy relationships, the media, and societal, cultural, and familial influences to sabotage our desire to experience peace. It can be quite difficult and daunting to face these issues alone. That's where I step in! 


Therapy does not mean that "something is wrong with you". Therapy is for everyone who needs a safe space to be their authentic selves and work through obstacles such as anxiety, depression, and self-esteem. I want you to be empowered in every aspect of your life and overcome life transitions with confidence and optimism. I'm here to offer a holistic approach to wellness to help lessen your anxiety and depression and increase your self-esteem. With the right guidance, everyone can achieve an emotionally healthy lifestyle. So let's collaborate together to ensure that you are prepared to face life challenges independently and efficiently. 


Sherman Oaks, California


Benefits of Holistic Healing

Functioning Mental Health  

Confidence Building and Boundary Setting

Ability to Adjust to Life Transitions

Emotional Intelligence and Communication Skills

Fearlessly Being YOU

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