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Let's Talk TRAUMA

Today I noticed fresh jasmine blooming preparing for the next season. When we experience trauma, we may not feel prepared enough to enter a “new season”. However, you CAN still bloom after a storm, just like these jasmines did.

Often times we hold onto trauma mentally, physically, and emotionally. We can even block it out completely from our memory when it is too painful to process. Other times we hold onto the trauma because it has now become comfortable to carry the pain.

If you are unsure as to whether or not you have trauma, this link might help you gain clarity. If you have any of these reactions occurring, you may have experienced trauma that needs to be processed.

In my opinion, although these steps do not equate to the power of seeking professional help, here are things you can do on your own in the meantime while searching for a therapist:

1. Don’t isolate yourself - Surround yourself with supportive people and seek help from a therapist (did I mention that I am a therapist?)

2. Look into joining a support group that is focused on the trauma you experienced.

3. Face the trauma courageously - DO NOT AVOID (Exposure therapy can do wonders!).

4. Allow your emotions to come out - do not silently express yourself.

5. Listen to your body - rest or take work off if you need to.

6. Stay away from drugs and alcohol - Positive coping skills supersedes negative coping skills always. We want a long-term healing process, not a quick fix to numb the self.

7. Get back into your routine and learn to meditate daily using gratuity mantras.

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